One of the easiest ways to abandon your New Year’s resolutions is to make them too challenging to sustain.  Instead, set smaller goals that are easy to incorporate into your routine.  Below are 3 ways I’ve added healthy habits to my lifestyle. I hope they inspire you to take small steps toward better health.


Eat One Vegetable at Each Meal.

I think everyone’s New Year’s resolution includes eating healthier.  You don’t need to get fancy here and prepping some veggies ahead of time makes this much easier.  Here are some ideas – click links for recipes:

Set an Alarm for 30 Minutes Before Ideal Bedtime

Here’s a New Year’s resolution your body will love – more sleep!  It seems like there’s always something that prevents us from going to bed at a time we know is optimal for our best night of sleep.

I set an alarm on my phone for 30 minutes before my optimal bedtime as a reminder to get my act together.  I do the flossing/brushing, set out clothes for the morning, prep my breakfast, and settle in with a book or magazine to start my wind down.  During this time, I also use minimal lighting.

By simulating sundown, our brains release more melatonin – the hormone that regulates sleep.  Blue light (the wavelength found in most electronics and energy-efficient lighting) confuses your poor brain into thinking the sun is shining and bedtime is hours away.  Check out this Harvard Medical School article that explains the dark side of blue light.

Make One Meal Each Day from Scratch

Your New Year’s resolution might include becoming the next Master Chef but this is not a requirement for fulfilling this resolution.  All it takes is starting with fresh ingredients. Think you don’t have time?  Ask yourself what takes priority over your health and you may think differently.  Here’s a fun tip – put on your favorite songs while you’re cooking.  The simple addition of music can turn a chore into an enjoyable time to unwind.

Good luck to you no matter the resolution you’ve set for yourself.

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