Thrive Market is my go-to source for healthy packaged foods that have minimal and clean ingredients. The company is on a mission to make healthy living easy and affordable for everyone.


Xtrema Cermacor is my pick for cookware. After an exhaustive search, I selected Ceramcor for a number of reasons including it’s safe material, ease of cleaning and the fact that it can withstand 2,000 degrees of heat. Want to know more? Check out my full review, including pros and cons, testimonials from others and a video showing the cookware in action.


100% Pure Cosmetics is made from pure, organic nutrients. All products are free of anything synthetic or artificial.  As an affiliate, I get a sneak peek at upcoming product promotions and discounts. Follow me on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.I’ll post when they have a good deal.

I am part of the affiliate network for the companies listed above. If someone uses the link from my site and then makes a purchase, I receive a small compensation that helps fund my work.  I NEVER promote a product or service just to earn money.  I ONLY recommend what I use and believe in myself.